Training Levels

Starter: Introduction To Gun Dog Training


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At this level of training your dog will be taught Basic Obedience.

  • Deliver to hand (Force Fetch)
  • Collar Conditioning
  • Sit
  • Heel (to both sides)
  • Here
  • Kennel
  • Single marked retrieves
  • Induction to live birds
  • Introduction to gun fire

Your dog will be ready to run AKC Junior Hunt Tests at this level. This level of training takes 3-6 months.  

Intermediate: A Good Hunting Companion

Your dog must have completed Started Level to be eligible for the intermediate course.  

  • Double T  
  • Swim-By
  • Multiple marks on land and water
  • Simple blinds on land and water
  • Walk up bird
  • Steadiness
  • Honoring

Your dog will be ready for AKC Senior Hunt Tests after completing this level.  


Advanced: The Finished Gun Dog

Your dog must have completed the Intermediate Level to be eligible for Advanced Training.  

  • Multiple mark retrieves (Doubles, Triples, Quads)
  • Advanced blinds
  • Shore breaking
  • Diversion birds
  • Retired guns

Your dog will be ready to enter AKC Master Hunt Tests.  This level of training is for owners who are serious about competing in AKC hunt tests or those who want a finished gun dog. The Advanced training is a long term commitment.

Pre-Season Tune Up

This is for dogs that have already gone through part of our training program but need some tuning work before the hunting season begins. 



  • Monthly: $650
  • Military/First Responder discount available 


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